Early Vehicle Concepts

Like most things, where I started with MAG-100 and where it’s ending up are two very different places.

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Like most things, where I started with MAG-100 and where it’s ending up are two very different places. One thing though that has not really changed are some of the ideas behind the vehicle and ship designs.

Originally when I started out, my driving idea was to create and design vehicles that seemed believable, based on a foundation of what realistic design might look like in a universe stripped of aesthetics concern and boiled down to hardcore functionality. For the most part I have decided to stick with this idea but am allowing myself to inject some ‘science fiction’ into what was supposed to be science fiction with a healthy dose of non-fiction.

These are some of the initial concepts I have actually worked up to colour but are still very much a work in progress.


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The ‘BOX’ is the Model-T of mining vehicles, with every mining company employing them for a multitude of field activities. Extreme utility is the driving factor of this design, with it being literally no more than a box mounted to a drive train.

Originally I thought the design was really dull, I mean it’s a box on wheels, but as I kept doodling it and tweaking the proportions, it started to take on a character of it’s own and develop what I started to see as a ‘cuteness’.


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VTD/Coil Ship

Like the BOX, I was thinking of design utility here – as much as I like swoopy, complex spacecraft, I think the reality will be very different and that’s where I was going with this.

As stupid as it seems, I pained over this design for weeks as there was just nothing cool about another box and unlike the BOX, this thing lacked any ‘cute’ factor. It was not until I had one of those moments, while doing some writing and thinking about how the VTD drive system would work and look, that the concept of having the whole thing look like the exhaust system of a GP bike, something I have always loved, especially from the ‘Big Bang’ era of the 500’s where the expansion chambers looked like some sort of strange serpentine creatures.

Once I worked it out, the otherwise dull box suddenly started to develop a character and I could see how different ships could have their characters developed by the styling of the drive system, rather than any particular surface treatment.


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Yep, another box! This is one design that I see will change quite a bit as I work more with it. The feature that I originally had as the driving force behind the design were the four fins coming out of the back which look like wings of some sort. This is still very much a work in progress…

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