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I want to believe but I fear I might need to step out over a bottomless shaft to find the control that lets me…

Design in Star Wars

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Play Forest reviews Luc Besson's Valerian

The problem about writing a review, or opinion, about Valerian is where to even start? I write this after only having watched it once and thinking about it still leaves me swimming in its vast ocean.


Reading Time: 5 minutes
Play Forest's Appleseed Alpha review

Hands down, ‘Alpha’ is the best interpretation of the original Manga to date.

Appleseed Alpha

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Play Forest's Appleseed Ex-Machina review

While it definitely has it’s moments of ‘goodness’, Ex Machina is more a film for true Anime geeks…

Appleseed Ex Machina

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Aeon Flux, a cult classic from the 90s

“I always felt like there was a complete disconnect between things that were fun and entertaining to watch and things that were more thoughtful and philosophical.” Peter Chung

Aeon Flux: a cult classic

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Play Forest - All You Need is Kill

Kill cubed – From Japanese short story to Tom Cruise

Kill cubed

Reading Time: 7 minutes
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