Reviews and ‘what nots’ about games, not from the point of view of a dedicated ‘gamer’, but as someone who enjoys games.

play forest reviews gkr giant killer robots

Game flow is nice and simple, broken into 5 phases with the last one, ‘tagging’, being the crux of the game. The first player to tag a building with four ‘holotags’ gets to demolish it – demolish four, and you win. Simple, eh?

GKR – Giant Killer Robots

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Rez, a true modern classic

If you never have, try and check Rez out. You might not click with it right away but when you do, and you will, it will all make sense.

Rez, a true modern classic

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Play Forest Lost Patrol review

Don’t let that fool you though, this is an incredibly difficult game to win (where the Space Marines are the ones that win or loose), and very quickly the Space Marines player will start experimenting with ways to actually survive more than 10 minutes!

Warhammer 40,000 – Lost Patrol

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Play Forest: Battletech Redux... almost

Big walking tanks whomping the bejeezus out of one another. That’s the basic premise of Battletech, a game with its roots dating back to the mid 80’s.

Battletech redux – almost

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Steve Jackson Games' OGRE

Ogre was pretty simple in its basic premise – on an atomic wasteland in the 21st Century, the AI controlled mega tank, an ‘Ogre’, has a simple mission of destroying the enemy, or command post, or both!


Reading Time: 6 minutes
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