Drawing, design, concept design. I started my professional life doing it for things that went fast. Then I did it for things that went no where. Then nothing for over a decade! I’ve picked up the tools again and this is what I am learning along the way.

It was one of those strange waterfall of events, one of those where one decision leads to another and another and before you know it, you are somewhere else entirely.

Welcome back analogue, I’ve missed you

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Play Forest - Tools!

The tools we use for creating images are very much part of the process and as such, we should have, must have, an affinity with them.


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In the pre Star Wars era, shapes, forms and colours were diverse, often soft, organic, and the visions of the future they were part of, in paint and ink, were as varied as they were interesting.

A retro future: A bit of an essay

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This issue came to a head very recently. I woke up with a ‘eureka’ moment and madly went out to my desk and put the scribble on paper. A critical design concept I had been playing with for months had come together – finally I had something I was really happy with.

There is no wrong in art

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The more I looked, the more flumoxed I became. Yes, I had all the tools and some very rusty ability, but what I do, and the way I prefer to do it, is ‘different’ to what I was seeing everyday.

Beware the social media

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Play Forest

It was about a year ago that I needed to update my one machine’s software and was daunted with the industry’s standard, Adobe software, absurd new licensing system.

Affinity Designer

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