Art is where it started and still continues to this day. Pardon the drivelling….

What they all seemed to have in common, along with what the vast majority of other artists of the time, was a feeling of optimism in their images.

Bang Bang

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In an age before the internet, endless, accessible reviews, or any of that, and where the scant gaming magazines were, well, scant, it was the box art adorning a game that was left to attract one’s attention and often convince one to buy it in the first place.

Box Art!

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Yokoyama’s sketchbook reflects a distinctive style and stance that is so difficult to find these days, and though the work is several decades old, it’s more than refreshing if you like scifi hardware and design.

Kow Yokoyama: Ma.K. Sketchbook

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In the pre Star Wars era, shapes, forms and colours were diverse, often soft, organic, and the visions of the future they were part of, in paint and ink, were as varied as they were interesting.

A retro future: A bit of an essay

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The Amnesia Machine - Shaun Tan

In many ways, I categorise Shaun Tan in the same way I would Haruki Murakami – their work is both multi faceted and almost abstract

Shaun Tan – a brief thought

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Play Forest - Vinyl Toys

Subsets. That is the best way to define modern culture. One can exist in their little world and really never be confronted by, nor experience another subset. To some this keeps them happy, too much stimulation is a bad thing as it challenges their fragile view of the world. To others though, life is not…

Vinyl Toys

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Roy Huxley Rediscovered

Upon seeing Huxley’s images once again, I instantly recognised why his work at the time was so magnetic – it has that ageless ’something’.

Roy Huxley Rediscovered

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My second exploration into Akira was always going to end about halfway though (a situation to be remedied), so diving into the full story was naturally only ever going to deliver half the experience.

Akira, an incomplete review

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I was not what you call a classic ‘comic book’ fan as a kid and never got into the whole DC or Marvel super hero thing.

Masamune Shirow aka Masanori Ota

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The chap had a book of spaceship illustrations that he was using as inspiration and I was so besotted with it he let me borrow it for a while…

Chris Foss and me

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