00:00:04 Pinholes


00:00:04 Pinholes


The nights. That’s what everyone says is their first memory. The sky never gets dark, at least not in the way one thinks of ‘dark’. It’s more like the atmosphere vanishes into the depths of space and the stars, the moons, everything, become not only crystal clear but magnified to the point of being unreal. The brightness can be overwhelming for those not used to it.

On a clear night it’s like being on the inside of a crystal ball looking out, it’s a view that never gets boring and certainly not something you ever quite get used to. Of course, no one quite ever gets used to the multi coloured clouds, or the sky dome that colour shifts during the day, or the rain, or….

’Scamander’ is just not the sort of place one gets used to.


MAG-100: 00:00:04 Pinholes

The scientists thought they had everything worked out, that the Universe behaved according to rules but then came the Rift and after that, Scamander. Like everything here, no one knows exactly how or why things do what they do, but the thought is the night sky has something to do with magnetic fields and the position of the planet in relation to the Rift. At least that’s the current thinking, when people actually stop to think.

The nights are one thing, but Scamander is also one of the only known places where one can watch ships exit the Rift with the naked eye....

At the start ships free-fell through the Rift, their Vector Thrust Drives more or less useless as the magnetic and energy field distortions played havoc with the fragile plasma containers; it was long speculated that the DSS Nagano met it’s end because they tried to power their way through. Eventually, after decades of trying and failing, Coil Drives delivered the solution. Finally able to provide thrust within the Rift, Coil Drives cut travel from one week to one day; coming to Scamander seemed no different than a quick trip to Luna from Earth; only it wasn’t and you needed to get to Pluto first.

A radical departure from the long established VTD, which had been pushing humanity around space for close to a hundred years, Coil Drives manage to harness the energy fields within the Rift itself to provide thrust; some liken it to the reverse of a rail gun. Coil driven ships are also easy to identify, surrounded by a Plasma halo as bright as a small star while they are under power…

A pinhole of light, that’s the best way to describe it.

From the surface it appears as a bright pop, almost as if someone poked a hole in the fabric of space. It lasts for only a few seconds but the ‘flash’ one sees coming from the direction of the Rift signifies a ship having exited; that point where the Coil Drive is active and then it’s not.

And just as pin holes in your suit can be the start of bigger problems, it could be said that these pin holes are much the same…

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MAG-100: 00:00:04: Pinholes

00:00:04 Pinholes

On a clear night it’s like being on the inside of a crystal ball looking out, it’s a view that never gets boring and certainly not something you ever quite get used to.

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