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Parsar Archives Archive Section: CBSDigs: 003 – 1276 respective.Regions: 08 – 120Y.Dates: Ongoing.Supply: United Federation of Research.Usage Notes: Entry chronology is not reflective of time chronology. Newest entries entered at base. Entries may branch to alternative media/information. Kin Dataset SUBMISSIONCOVER: Tori Shin II, Chief Historian, UFRVIEWKEY 1Archive Title: DepartureVIEW Kin Dataset KEY 2Archive Title: PeripheralVIEW

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The Rift

It took five tries but Colonel Spires was finally on the bridge of the TS5 Hammersmith, the first successful Transverse System ship to negotiate the Magellan Rift.

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About MAG-100

‘Scamander.’ That’s the name they gave this desolate rock. Was that a piss take? ’Scamander’, the river god that wove his way outside the walls of Troy. Geezus, did anyone have a look around before they named it?

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00:00:02 Orbit

MAG-100: 00:00:02 Orbit

The drone had spent 6 months making deep level scans of the three most obvious candidates. Every metric collected, extensive feature graphing made, and every byte of information relayed back to the base ships that had been in rift orbit for the past 9 months.

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Grains of sand

At first they seemed random, anomalies, background noise lost to the throb of the mechanics of business. A mishap here, a crew vanishing there. Not enough to warrant investigation but more than enough for rumours to thrive.

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