I draw, write and probably spend a little too much time thinking about untangible things.

This is the space where I unapologetically indulge my interests in art, books, games and the occasional bit of film, all mostly with a science fiction bent.

Hello, and welcome to Play Forest.

Modern building, ancient ideas

When anyone thinks of design in the future, it’s always with an eye firmly on new technologies – lighter materials, mechanised labour and impossible constructions. And there’s no reason to think otherwise, today we are seeing things never before imagined and some buildings soar into the sky at impossible heights. But what if something changed,…

It started with a single story... that grew to become multiple stories, all with a very different flavours.

Singles: One off written and illustrated stories.

MAG-100: A non linear, interactive tale of the far future (Note: not designed for phones).

Land of 5th: An exploratory, non linear tale of whimsy and fantasy (Note: not designed for phones).

Latest Single

Vee Eight Industrial Concept Design

I like to follow a design process for 'things' that appear in the story arcs, regardless of how big or small they may appear on the page.

V8Lab is the fictitious design studio where all my designing happens.

Early Vehicle Concepts

Like most things, where I started with MAG-100 and where it's ending up are two very different places.
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